Yummy Winter Beverages Without All The Calories

If you’re tired of the same old coffee black, no sugar to save calories, here are some yummy winter beverages without all the calories that make a great alternative. While tea, especially green tea is often the first option you think of, which is also a healthy one, it’s not the only option. You can make a low calorie hot chocolate from 4½ cups almond milk, ½ C unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/3 to ¼ C pure maple syrup and 1.5 oz dark chocolate bar melted. Add a teaspoon of pure vanilla to top it off. Heat the milk first and add the other ingredients, saving the vanilla for right before you pour it from the pan. At 123 calories, it satisfies your sweet tooth and warms you up at the same time.

Get healthy, warm and enjoy this healthy drink.

In a large mug, pour boiling water, leaving a little room at the top for the juice of a half freshly squeezed lemon, ¼ teaspoon turmeric, a small pinch of raw cane sugar, coarse sea salt an cayenne pepper. This drink gives a boost to both your metabolism and immune system. It’s tart, hot, sweet and salty all at the same time.

Herbal tea can help you become healthier and taste great at the same time.

There are all types of herbal tea on the market and you can make your own, easily, if you have a tea strainer and the herbs available. Ginger tea tastes good and is good for the stomach, while chamomile tea will help you relax and sleep like a baby, reduces menstrual cramps, fights allergies and aches and pains. It tastes good too. Numi Organic Rooibos Tea, Tazo Organic Spiced Black Tea, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea, Cardamon Cinnamon Tea, Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy Red Tea and Celestial Seasoning Raspberry Zinger are naturally sweet. All the tea has zero calories.

Golden milk tastes good and has great health benefits.

You can make your own version of this yummy warm drink and the calories will vary. If you like it sweet, use 2 cups of vanilla almond, pecan or coconut milk for a bit healthier version (but not my favorite) switch in bone broth for some or all the milk. Add ½ tsp cinnamon, a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of cayenne pepper, ¼ tso ginger powder and for your sweet tooth a tsp of maple syrup or raw honey. Blend in a blender then heat at low to medium heat for about five minutes. It should be steamy but not boiling.

  • Depending on the recipe you choose, the calorie count for golden milk will vary from 61 calories up to over 120.
  • Heat apple cider and add a few cinnamon sticks for a low calorie drink that’s also yummy.
  • You can create your own delicious recipes by getting creative. Heat half coconut milk and regular water then use it as you would water, adding a rooibos tea bag. You can steep with ¼ tsp clove, turmeric, ginger and vanilla. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and stir with a cinnamon stick.
  • Make a half cup of Earl Grey tea using two tea bags. Let it steep five minutes. Pour in a blender with a cup of almond milk, a tsp raw honey and a touch of vanilla. Blend on high and enjoy this frothy drink that’s also good for teeth, digestion and the boost of caffeine.

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