Whats Your Favorite Snow Activity?

You might say you hate winter, but there’s always something you can find you love about the snow. It may be watching the flakes fall outside while you’re snuggled up with your favorite person next to a roaring fire. Your favorite snow activity can be more active, like a winter sport. Whatever it is, it can help you make it through the winter months when there’s less sunshine and optimism falls to a year long low.

Get active outside and enjoy cross country or Alpine skiing.

While Alpine skiing is often more advertised, since there’s so many downhill competitions, it pales in comparison to the great exercise you get when you go cross country skiing. Both are good, but cross country skiing keeps you in motion continuously, doesn’t require a chair lift or a mountain. You can do it on flat land, gently rolling hills and even in more rugged areas. In fact, you’ll burn almost double the calories with cross country, even if the terrain is gentle. Enjoy both and if you prefer one to the other, choose it, rather than worrying about calories. All exercise is good.

Ice skating and hockey dominate in the cold weather.

Figure skating, racing or playing hockey are also good exercise in the winter. All three have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you love hockey, but can’t get a team together, you may be relegated to just practicing shots on your own. For those who enjoy racing, practicing is where you’ll get most of your exercise with races only a few times a year. It’s not nearly as social as hockey or regular skating, but for those with a competitive streak, may be the most fun. Skating in general burns over 400 calories an hour.

Have a family fun day in the snow.

Take advantage of the snow to create a family day. Whether you’re throwing snowballs at one another or building a snowman, it can be fun to enjoy the cold weather together. If you want to get creative, do more than just make a snowman, create a snow sculpture that can decorate your front yard for the rest of the winter. Build a snow fort and the kids will love you for it. It can be their winter get-away when they play outside. The whole family can do it together.

  • When was the last time you made a snow angel? This can be fun in the winter, as long as you don’t get snow down your back.
  • Sledding down a hill, whether on a sled or in an inner tube can be a blast and is excellent exercise.
  • Go for a hike and look for animal footprints in the snow. It can be a learning experience for children that they’ll remember and enjoy every year.
  • Snowboarding is almost as popular as skiing. If you haven’t already tried it, you might make it the challenge for this winter.

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