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Some people consult a Toronto nutritionist for help in losing weight or just want to feel good again. If you’re considering doing that for any reason, get more for your money by consulting a personal trainer. Trainers either work with nutritionists or have special endorsements in nutrition to provide their clients with information on how to eat healthier for weight loss and improved fitness. They also offer another benefit. That benefit is a workout program designed specifically for their level of fitness, goals and special needs. Special needs include physical limitations, such as weak knees, which may require modifying the form of the exercise.

Don’t worry about your present fitness level.

Even if the hardest exercise you had was changing channels fast with a remote, it won’t matter. Trainers make the workout tough, based on their assessment, but still safely within your capabilities. You’ll learn the right way to do each exercise because the trainer not only shows you, he or she watches to insure it’s correct to avoid injury and improve results. As your fitness level improves, the trainer adjusts your workout to reflect that improvement.

The combination of healthy eating provides huge benefits for you.

If you wanted to lose weight, combining healthy eating with exercise not only lowers your caloric intake, but increases the output. It also builds muscle tissue that requires more calories than fat tissue for maintenance, so you’ll be burning more calories even when resting. It boosts your energy levels, allowing you to be more active than previously and burn more calories. For those who want to live healthier, there are a wide variety of benefits the two provide.

You’ll be held accountable by a personal trainer.

Accountability is important when you’re trying to make lifestyle changes. Just meeting with a trainer holds you accountable for showing up to the gym and the progress you make is another indicator of your dedication to a program. If you’ve failed at weight loss before, or even failed at sticking with a program of healthy eating, using the services of a personal trainer can help you stay on the straight and narrow.

When you exercise on a regular basis, you lengthen the telomeres of the cells. These act like the plastic on shoelaces to prevent the chromosomes from unraveling and being damaged. That increases cell life and keeps you younger.

Exercising not only helps you shed pounds, it tones the muscles and helps you shed inches. Muscle tissue weighs less per cubic inch than fat tissue does, so even if you never lost a single pound, you’d look thinner.

Adding exercise to any healthy eating plan also helps digestion, leaving you feel better after each meal.

Exercise stimulates the flow of blood to all cell in the body, carrying oxygen and nutrition, improving your complexion. When you combine it with a healthy diet, you’ll look years younger.

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