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If you want to get into shape and see results faster, a Toronto boot camp could be the place to start. Boot camps are led by personal trainers, so you know you’ll get a program designed especially for your needs. Before the trainer creates your program, he or she will first assess your overall fitness, identify your level of all types of fitness; strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The trainer will also learn your goals and find out if you have any special needs, such as physical limitations that might require modifying an exercise.

You’ll work hard, but still safely within your capabilities.

It’s hard to get the right balance when you exercise, unless you know what you’re doing, like a personal trainer does. If the exercise is too easy, you won’t get the results you want. If it’s too hard, it could cause injury or at the least dull your enthusiasm and motivation. As you workout, you’ll find the exercises become easier. That’s because your fitness level is improving. The trainer then adjusts the workout to match your fitness level, so you’ll still be working toward maximum potential.

Some trainers provide nutritional information.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle tissue or just feel better, the foods you eat play an important part of the process. It’s a matter of eating healthier, also known as eating clean. Eating clean—fewer processed foods and more whole, unprocessed foods—plays a huge role in whether you achieve your goal. The body needs fewer calories than it burns to lose weight. Clean eating lowers the caloric amount, while providing more nutrition. The body needs good nutrition to remain healthy and build muscle tissue. Healthy eating does that. It’s not a diet, but rather a way of making smarter choices when it comes to food.

When you workout at a boot camp, you get all the benefits of having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

Everyone has his or her own personalized program, so while it might seem like they’re doing the same thing, the number of reps, intensity and form may differ. Since the whole group pays for the time of the personal trainer, the cost per person is a fraction of what private sessions would be, but each participant gets all the benefits.

– Boot camps are fun. Everyone knows how tough the workouts are and you’ll often hear them cheering each other on to success.

– You learn how to do each exercise correctly at a boot camp. Not only does the trainer show you how to do them, he or she watches to insure you do them correctly.

– Trainers vary the workout at boot camps to avoid boredom and plateauing, which occurs when the body becomes too efficient at an exercise.

– No matter what your level of fitness, you’ll benefit from a boot camp since the program is designed specifically for your fitness level.

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