Reduce Your Risk Of Back Pain And Even Stop It With Exercise

There’s a lot to be said for modern health care. Pain killers are wonderful for coping with injuries and modern surgery has come a long way in relieving many chronic problems. But what if you could prevent the problem or even cure it with something you can do at home and the only side effects are improved energy levels, appearance, health and weight loss. You’d jump at the chance, wouldn’t you? Well it’s true, you can stop taking so many aspirin or ibuprofen and reduce your risk of back pain and even stop it with exercise.

Back pain is not only a common health complaint, it’s the most common one.

If you looked at statistics you’d see that back pain is the leading cause of disability at the workplace. It also is a leader when it comes to causing opioid dependence. With the opioid crisis so prevalent in our country, more and more physicians are refusing to write prescriptions and more and more patients with children are reluctant to take those that are written home. However, there are some simple methods to help reduce the potential of back pain and even eliminate it if you already suffer from it.

Non exercise movement, can help relieve pain and prevent it.

Non exercise movement are things like getting up from your desk and walking around frequently can dramatically reduce the potential for back ache. Standing and walking are two great deterrents and one of the reasons the standing desk is becoming more popular. It improves circulation and as long as you have proper posture, can do worlds to strengthen your back muscles.

Just a half hour a day could bring relief from back pain.

While you can exercise more, a number of studies show that people who exercised regularly, not only lowered the potential for back pain by 33 percent, but if they were already sufferers, reduced the amount of pain they had significantly. Other studies focused on those who already had problems and found that exercise reduced the risk of the pain leading to a total disability by 38 percent. There are even specific exercises for pain in various areas of the back that work wonders. According to the American College of Physicians, you should try these first before using medication, particularly for lower back pain.

  • Some of the recommended treatments use mindful stress relief and are psychological in nature. Stress can cause the body to react in a number of ways, back pain is one.
  • Core exercises help strengthen the stomach muscles that also support the back. When you have strong stomach and back muscles, you’re less prone to back pain.
  • Sitting for long periods actually shortens your muscles that connect the lower lumbar with the upper portions of the pelvis and femur. That can cause pain when standing.
  • Weight loss, regular stretching, quitting smoking and eating healthy all contribute to reduced back pain and should be incorporated into your lifestyle change plan.

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