It’s All About Your Mindset

No matter what you decide to do in life, your success or failure is based on your mindset. If you believe you’ll achieve something, you will. If you believe you won’t achieve something, the chances are that you’ll be right, too. While some people object, saying that they really believed that they’d achieve their goals, but failed miserably, it’s just not true. If they truly believed they’d achieve a goal, they wouldn’t have quit after just one misdirected attempt. They’d continue trying.

Thomas Edison said it best.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Thomas Edison when asked about the 10,000 failures he had when trying to create the first practical incandescent light bulb. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That reply is almost as important as the actual accomplishment. It’s inspiring and should be remembered by anyone that has an important goal. You may have tried other times, but just found out what didn’t work for you. Edison also said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” If your mindset is that you’ll succeed, you’ll work toward success no matter what the obstacles.

Make sure your goals are realistic.

This may sound like a step backward, but it’s not. If you want to lose 40 pounds and have a gorgeous beach body in a week after living a sedentary lifestyle for years, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you set a realistic goal that includes being able to achieve more in your exercise program, such as shedding 8-10 pounds in a month and increasing the number of reps you can do, you’ll be successful if you work hard. The goal should be difficult and challenging, but still within your capabilities.

Enjoy your workout and you’ll keep working toward your goal.

Part of a successful program is enjoying what you’re doing. If you dread every minute of working out, you’re doing something wrong. Ways to improve your attitude is to include fun things in your exercise program. Nobody says every day needs to be spent in the gym. You can go dancing, ride a bike, hike with the kids or rock climb. Even when you’re in the gym, mixing it up can make it a lot more fun. Personally, I love the kettlebells. I save those for my special treat at the end of each workout and often just do a kettlebell routine because I enjoy it.

  • Eating healthy is as important as exercise. Don’t prejudge healthy food. It doesn’t all taste “healthy.” You know what I mean, like vitamin soaked cardboard. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious and some nutritious meals are elegant and flavorful enough to serve in the most expensive restaurants in town.
  • Spend time with positive people. If you have people in your life that are continuously making you feel like a failure, avoid them or replace them with someone that lifts you up and keeps you going. If you can’t avoid them, remember that only you decide whether to believe what they say.
  • Get a workout buddy. A workout buddy can make your exercise time more fun and even help you stick to a healthy diet. By sharing a workout time, you’re less likely to skip that day at the gym.
  • Believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish any goal, you just have to be willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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