How To Stay Active When Your Partner Is Not

When a healthy lifestyle becomes an important factor that you want to turn into a reality, you often want everyone to join in your eureka moment. Unfortunately, if you want to stay active when your partner is not cooperating, you might think you have to change directions. That’s not true. There are a number of ways to approach this to help your special someone get on the bandwagon to fitness.

Think before you speak.

The first way to get a partner to reject any idea you have is to make suggestions based on your observations of why they need to get physical, lose weight or eat healthier. No matter how you phrase it, if your partner could use shedding a few pounds, he or she will be offended. Work on yourself first, but do let the person you care about know your plans and welcome them to come with you. Do it like you would if you’re going to the store. “I’m going, do you want to come along.”

Get sincere.

If you’ve worked out for a while and you really would love to share it with the person you care about most, let that person know. Be direct this time. Let them know that you’d really enjoy their company at the gym and even suggest breakfast together after a morning workout or an evening dinner if it’s a later workout. It’s not nearly as easy if you have children, so find a way to get the whole family active and let your spouse know that you want to be fit, but your family is top priority, so why not do it together.

Compromise, talk and compromise some more.

You may be fitter than your loved one and that could be the reason they don’t want to join you. They may be right. It could slow you down and make both you and your spouse miserable. The best way to handle that is to have a few days of joint exercising and a few days of individual exercise. It doesn’t have to be strictly a gym workout when you’re exercising together. It can be going for hikes or even dance classes together.

– Eating healthy is part of a healthy lifestyle. You can find some delicious healthy recipes to make and sneak them into the meals slowly.

– Take action. Take your partner with you to the gym and let them use the free trial sessions to see if they like it. Let your partner know it’s not necessary to sign up for longer. It’s just a sampling.

– Ask for your partner’s help. Let them know you’re having trouble staying motivated and ask for help staying on track.

– Keep focused on your workout, but always keep the invitation open. Don’t let their lack of desire stop you. If money is an issue, workout at home. If it’s time, carve out time in the morning. Always keep the invitation to join you open and be ready when your spouse accepts.

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