How To Listen To Your Body And Know When It’s Time To Rest

When you’re working out and feel sore, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t do one more push up to achieve our goal. However, there’s a difference between feeling sore and being in outright pain. Today, there’s too much emphasis on pushing past the pain. You need to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s giving you the signals that say it’s time to rest. Sometimes, it’s not. Learning to interpret the messages your body is sending is extremely important.

You’ve been working out too hard and its starting to show with these signs and signals.

If you don’t give your body a rest, it won’t have time to recouperate and repair damage. One of the first signs that you’re overworking is the inability to do what would have been simple a few weeks ago. Maybe you feel sick after a few minutes into a tough workout or can’t lift weights that were easy a few weeks ago. Those are both signs that you need to take a day away from the gym resting or have a serious medical situation.

You need to take a break when soreness turned to aches and then to real pain.

Forget the “no pain, no gain” slogan. It’s one thing to get sore after a workout, but if it’s unbearable pain, there’s only two reasons why. The first is that you’ve overworked a muscle group and now find it verging on a serious problem and the second is that you have that serious problem and caused damage that can set you back months.

You know you should step back and take a rest when getting out of bed is simply too hard.

If you normally get up when the alarm rings, but find you’re hitting snooze far too frequently or worse yet, sleeping through the alarm, that type of exhaustion should tell you that you need rest. The key is to identify why. If nothing else has changed and you’re healthy (always get a checkup if you’re exhausted frequently), it might be those extra days at the gym. Take a break for a day and see if it helps.

– Are you suddenly crabby and out of sorts? While exercise does improve your mood, when you’ve worked to the limit, it can have the opposite effect.

– Do you find you hate every movement you make in the gym? It’s either time to take a break or find a new way of exercising that you like.

– Women can find out if they are overexercising by their menstrual cycle. If you’ve missed your period and aren’t pregnant, you may be in need of a rest.

– Performance plateauing can occur for a number of reasons. One of those is overworking a muscle group.

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