Healthy Date Night

If your date nights are becoming the same old thing, dinner, drinks and a movie, you might be ready for a change. You can create a healthy date night to make a change and get fitter in the process. The date night might involve an earlier trip to the store to get the makings for a healthy supper you prepare together and some activity that will get you moving and healthy. Choose food that’s easy to make, such as salad fixings, a side vegetable and lean meat to grill. You can eat before you go out, but most people opt for putting together the meal afterward and then relaxing.

Consider a picnic along a hiking path.

A Saturday or Sunday afternoon hike on the Humber River Trails with a picnic lunch can be perfect for a date. Make the lunch a healthy one and you’ll have a date that will make your body say thank you. Veggie and chicken pinwheels, vegetarian muffulettas, healthy wraps and fresh salads provide filling nourishment that won’t fill you out. The hike will also burn calories. Plan the route ahead of time to ensure you’ll return before it gets dark.

Go roller skating, ice skating or roller blading.

Choose roller blading, ice skating or roller skating for a date night. Centenial Park Skating Club has a free Try It Out-Learn to Skate Day. It’s part of Canada’s new Canskate program that offers loads of fun whether you want to choose figure skating, hockey, speed skating or just skating for enjoyment. There are several roller rinks in the area. Roller skating can be fun and healthy. If you or your partner don’t know how to skate, think of how romantic it will be holding each other close for support.

Peddle your way around the countryside with a romantic bike ride.

While you might not talk as much as you would hiking when riding a bike, you can use the picnic time to achieve that. You can plan a romantic destination or just make it one that has picnic tables and a place to eat. Don’t forget to take extra bottled water, especially on warm days. You’ll have fun and love cuddling together for a good movie at home after the day is over.

  • Rent a jet ski or go kayaking and you’ll burn calories while having fun.
  • If you haven’t bowled in years, it may be time to try it again. Most bowling alleys have balls available and rent shoes, so you don’t even need your own equipment.
  • Go dancing. There’s nothing more romantic than a slow dance or more invigorating than a fast one. Stick to just one drink and then drink plenty of water the rest of the night. You might even consider ballroom dance lessons as another option. After all, the rumba is the dance of love.
  • Get pampered and spend a day at the spa. Try a massage, sauna or pamper yourself with a wrap. After the spa, eat at a restaurant with healthy organic options.

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