Have You Tried Boxing As A Workout

If you’re ready for something different to help get or keep in shape and lose weight, it’s time to try boxing as a workout. Boxing provides a total body workout that will leave you tired, but feeling great. Training for a match requires you to punch a heavy bag, with professional ones weighing 100 pounds or more. It takes a lot of strength to do that, so you’ll be toning your muscles while you train.

It’s more than just resistance or strength training, it’s cardio training, too.

If you’re tired of the same old treadmill cardio or hate running and cycling, take up boxing to get your cardio workout and you’ll have a lot more fun. It’s almost like HIIT—high intensity interval training—because you go at top speed for a while and then switch to low gear and quickly back to high intensity. It certainly gets your heart pumping and that’s the ultimate goal of cardio. Just like HIIT, it burns calories fast.

You get a full body workout.

You never are stationary when you’re boxing or training to box. There’s foot work and constant movement. You’ll be bobbing, weaving and punching your way to total body agility and strength. While boxing isn’t known for flexibility, you need to improve your range of motion to protect your muscles. Stretching before working out can help and also help your boxing skills. You workout from top to bottom training all muscles as you go.

When you box, your muscles have to work in synergy.

Boxing trains your muscles and joints to work together. Just throwing a punch at a bag involves many different muscles that work in unison with joint movement. The back and abs are involved in throwing a punch. In fact, the power comes from kenetic energy that starts at the lowest part of your body, your feet, and works its way up to pack all the power in the punch.

  • Boxing improve the composition of your body, burning fat and replacing it with more muscle. The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn. That helps you lose weight and keep it from returning.
  • You’ll relieve stress and enjoy every punch you throw at the bag. Most people who take up boxing will admit, they often put a face on the bag and that face is someone that gave them woe earlier in the day.
  • Boxing improves hand-eye coordination. That improves reaction time and reflexes.
  • Boxing leaves you feeling empowered. Knowing you can handle yourself, feeling strong and having the skills and strength to throw a punch changes women from potential victims to victors.

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