Fitness Routines For People With Limited Time

I’m constantly being asked for fitness routines for people with limited time. The problem is that these can vary based on your lifestyle and situation. For instance, I might create two very different ones if one client was a stay at home mom with just nap time to get in her workout and the other was a busy executive with small windows of opportunity to exercise throughout the day. Here are some quickies you can do to help get and stay in shape.

If you’re trying to crowd your entire workout into just a 20 minute frame, consider circuit type training.

Circuit training is an intense method of working out where you quickly move from one station—type of exercise—to another with a short breather in between the two. It gets your heart pumping fast, but the short cool down between workouts helps. It’s a form of high intensity interval training that gets your endurance built fast. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down. A simple one uses two to three minute intervals for each exercise and combines jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups and walkouts. Do ten reps of each as fast as you can and repeat 8 times. Take a breather for two minutes and repeat.

Break up the workout to shorter intervals throughout the day.

Maybe you don’t have an hour or half hour to workout in the morning, but you might have ten minutes while you wait for the coffee to brew. Use the interval training suggested in number one, but only do it once without resting 2 minutes and going it again. When you get home, do the second set. Follow it with a ten minute walk or walk during lunch. There are also toning exercises you can do anywhere, simply by contracting certain muscle groups.

Get a great workout with kettlebells.

Kettlebells give you the workout of your life and burn more calories in 20 minutes than most exercise do in an hour. It’s a quick way to workout, but does require training. You’ll be swinging a weight and that can lead to injury unless you know what you’re doing. If you’re working out with us, we’ll show you a great routine that you can do in just 20 minutes or break it down to two ten minute ones.

– Flatten your tummy with dance every time you get a chance. Boogie down in your cubical or when nobody’s looking, rocking your hips and toning your body. Turn on music and dance while making supper.

– Make your lunch hour count. Sure, you want to have some peace and quiet, but a good 20 minute workout before lunch will burn off the hormones of stress and make the rest of the day better.

– Find ways to get more exercise. You don’t have to lift weights to build arm muscles, carrying grocery bags works too. See how many you can carry into the house at once.

– Do strength training. Lifting weights burns calories fast.

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