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It’s so important to find the best personal trainer in Toronto to get the results you want and maintain good health. One of the first things to look for in a trainer is whether they provide a personalized program or use a cookie cutter approach. Trainers who use a personalized approach first learn about the client’s goals, any special needs and then assesses each person’s level of fitness. The trainer finds their level of strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, then looks for weaker muscle groups that might require special attention. Only then does that trainer create a program specifically for that client’s needs.

Look for a trainer that provides a introductory program.

You don’t always know how good a trainer is or whether they fit your personality or needs. That’s why it’s important to be able to have a trial period. You get a good feel on whether a trainer will work well for you, without committing yourself to a long term program. In fact, one of the best ways to find out whether a trainer is right for you is with a group training program. The program ends and there’s no need to explain why you don’t want to continue. The group programs are also far less expensive.

Find a trainer that provides nutritional information, besides physical training.

What you eat is just as important as working out. Trainers who provide nutritional information do not necessarily provide a diet, but instead, teach you how to eat healthier. Healthier eating means eating fewer processed foods and more whole foods. It’s sometimes called eating clean, meaning free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. The foods are delicious and you can eat anywhere once you learn, but make smarter choices in the foods you choose. For instance, you might learn to use Greek yogurt to replace sour cream and by doing that, save calories and still have the flavor you crave on your baked potato.

Look for a trainer that uses a proven method of working out.

Some programs for fitness have been tested by time and found superior to others. Trainers that use those methods are confident their program works. That doesn’t mean those programs create a one-size-fits-all approach, quite the contrary. Instead, they use exercise techniques and eating plans that can be adjusted to suit every fitness level and nutritional need of each individual.

– Use a trainer that provides motivation to help keep you going. Starting out is easy, sticking with the program can be tough unless you have someone helping you do it.

– Look for a trainer that takes the time to watch to insure you use the right form for each exercise. Using the wrong form can cause injury or minimize the benefits.

– Find a trainer that truly wants to see you succeed and recognizes that only by your success are they successful.

– Find a trainer that offers all types of programs from individualized private sessions to group programs.

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