Are Fitness Trends A Good Thing Or Not

When you’re a personal trainer, you keep abreast of the latest fitness trends. Some of the trends are based on solid science and bring a lot to the world of fitness. Others, aren’t as good and may even cause injury. Marathon weight lifting, for example, is really a fitness trend. The lifter tries to hoist the heaviest load possible repeatedly in the shortest amount of time. It promotes poor form and can be dangerous, particularly since form goes out the window after just a few lifts.

Crossfit is certainly popular and has both good and bad points.

Crossfit has gained popularity rapidly and there’s a good reason. It’s extremely social and group oriented, plus you get a great workout. There’s a dark side to it, though. I’ve heard people brag about working out until they threw up. In fact, in some social media circles, videos with upchucking crossfitters are praised. While overwork can occur, it shouldn’t be the goal. Working hard to achieve a goal is commendable and crossfit promotes that. Working beyond the point of exhaustion where your form suffers and you pose the potential for injury or rhabdomyolysis, a kidney condition is not acceptable. You workout to get and stay healthy, not to jeopardize your health.

HIIT has many of the same dangers of crossfit, but without the gold stars for vomiting.

HIIT—high intensity interval training—is extremely popular and works well to help people get into shape and stay in shape. Just like crossfit, the potential to overdo a workout is very real. While you can over exercise no matter what mode you use, with HIIT, you have the potential for putting your health on the line. The idea is to get your heart rate up to maximum, slow the pace for twice as long and then take it back up again. If you’re in good shape and increase the timing carefully, it should be no problem. However, people with a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and joint problems need to move cautiously. That’s one reason a personal trainer is important when doing HIIT workouts.

Trackers, watches and pedometers help you stay on top of the workout.

Actually, I like the technological approach to exercising. Initially, the technology wasn’t as accurate as it should be to get a good reading, but now, it’s pretty close to reality. Tracking how far you’ve walked, your heart rate and having your watch remind you it’s time to workout isn’t all bad. If it helps keep people working out an doing their best to stay fit and healthy, I say it’s a good thing.

– Kettlebells aren’t new, but have re-emerged as a top workout technique. Yes! I love them, that’s why you’ll see them in the program, but like any form of equipment, proper training is a must.

– Strength training has broken through the barrier and now has become a tool for women, too. It’s about time. Strength training is extremely important to women, particularly post menopausal women, to prevent osteoporosis.

– The rush to exercise as preventative medicine. This is another focus I love. With modern medicine costing a fortune, the best insurance policy is to avoid getting sick.

– Senior fitness training is one more smart trend that can help baby boomers stay fit far longer and may even help prevent memory loss and dementia.

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